What are you thankful for? Good health, stable finances, a job, loving relationships, your faith….there are many things one can be thankful for.

In your life as a quilter, what are you thankful for? Having a good fabric stash, quilting community and friends, not having to pay for therapy because quilting is therapy itself, creating with your hands…There are many!

So what is your response to this? You are thankful, but is there anything beyond that? Could you show your thanks by doing? Could you perhaps inspire others by sharing your work..at quilt shows, or in small groups. Could you teach others, whether it be formal classes, or a quick demo? Could you share tips, tricks and techniques with other quilters – both newbie and experienced? Could you encourage others by attending exhibitions, saying wow to someone whose quilt you admire? Could you volunteer for service at quilt meetings, or by making quilts for charity?

One of the things I am thankful for are the quilters who have come before me. They have inspired me, they have taught me, they have shared techniques, they have encouraged me. I wouldn’t be the quilter I am today without these other quilters. I am humbled by their generosity, when many times they did not even know their impact on me. I feel I “owe” these other quilters for their place in my development.

Are you thankful as a quilter? How will you give thanks – not only by saying thanks, but “doing” thanks?