Hi all

KZNQG is the umbrella body which looks after the interests of the quilters of KZN. I have been asked
to be the chairlady. This chairlady needs a magic wand!
I want to wave that wand and rid the world of the Corona virus because I want to venture out into
the real world without a mask. I want to see smiles again! I want to wear lipstick again.
I need KZNQG meetings. I want to give warm quilted hugs to my dear friends without fear. Imagine
spending time wandering around a quilt show admiring the workmanship and pretty fabric that has
gone into the quilts. I can see myself sipping tea and enjoying a slice of cake in the warm sunshine
while chatting animatedly about the fabric I just bought, the classes I want to attend, and the quilt I
voted for in the viewer’s choice competition! I can see a whole room full of people just like me, who
do not think I am completely crazy for my fabric obsession! We quilters understand each other.
I want to get rid of the new normal because I want the old normal back.
But alas! There is no magic wand, and we are living in a new normal where a lot of us feel very
isolated and alone. Reach out to your quilting friends. We are just a phone call away. This is the
time to pull out your sewing machine and make a quilt for the beds at our 2024 Quilt Festival.
If you are uncertain where to start, I have designed another Mystery Quilt which I would love you to
share far and wide. Join in the fun. Post pictures of your progress on the Facebook page. Let other
quilters see what you are doing. Invite your children, grandchildren and friends to join you on your
Mystery quilt journey. There are no tricky Y-Blocks this time and very few tiny pieces of fabric. So
have a go!

Many guilds have started meeting up again. Some of the guilds have become quite efficient in their
Zoom meeting endevours. Others meet in person while observing all the Covid protocols. Others
have chosen to keep the groups small.
To all those groups who have started meeting again or who have kept in touch via WhatsApp, I say
well done. Keep going! Continue forging ahead.
One guild has started getting together to do classes and workshops in small groups of no more than
10. At these get-togethers, they learn new skills under the guidance of very knowledgeable
teachers. It is such a joy to learn new skills, improve some skills that need attention, and to simply
spend time with like-minded people.
It feels as though Covid will be with us forever. I want it gone but sadly it is not enough to just wish
it away! Instead of focusing on what we cannot do, let us focus on what we can. Let’s make a quilt
for the “Local is Lekker” Quilt Event that will happen in November this year. Let’s save up some
money so that we can do a class.
Let’s look forward with hope in our hearts to meeting again soon.

Yours –

Sue Cameron